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Where to find solar eclipse glasses in Redwood Falls, Minnesota?

🌒 Solar Eclipse Event Details:

  • City: Redwood Falls
  • State: Minnesota
  • Population: 5099
  • Obscuration: 71.90%
  • Peak Time (Local): April 8, 2024, 18:59:47

🌞 About Solar Eclipses: Solar eclipses occur when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, blocking all or a portion of the Sun's light. There are different types like total, partial, and annular eclipses. During a solar eclipse, it gets dark in the middle of the day as the Moon's shadow moves across the Earth.

⚠️ Importance of Solar Eclipse Glasses: It's crucial to wear ISO-12321-2(E:2015) certified solar eclipse glasses when viewing an eclipse. Looking directly at the Sun during an eclipse can cause permanent eye damage or blindness. Proper eye protection safeguards your eyes from harmful solar radiation.

🛒 Online Purchase Options:

🌐 Local Purchase Options:

  • Locally, check with science centers, astronomical societies, or specialty stores for solar eclipse glasses.
  • Opt for well-known retailers like Walmart, Lowe's, or REI that might stock solar eclipse glasses.

🔍 Local Addresses:

  1. Walmart Redwood Falls
  1. Lowe's Redwood Falls

Accurate Eclipse Time:

  • To know the exact timing of the eclipse in Redwood Falls, visit [ falls]( falls).

Remember, never look at the Sun during an eclipse without proper eye protection. Stay safe and enjoy the celestial show! 🌌🕶️

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