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Where to find solar eclipse glasses in Northbridge, Massachusetts?

🌞 Solar Eclipse Event in Northbridge:

  • Date and Time: The solar eclipse event in Northbridge, Massachusetts, is set to occur on April 8, 2024.
  • Obscuration: The moon will obscure approximately 92.34% of the sun during the eclipse.
  • Population: The city of Northbridge has a population of 16,291.
  • Peak Time: The peak of the eclipse is expected to be at 7:29 PM local time.

🔭 Promote Online Shops:

  • For those looking to purchase solar eclipse glasses for the event, consider visiting or These sites offer solar eclipse glasses with 3-day USA shipping, bulk discounts, and a 10% discount with the coupon code "ECLIPSE."

🛍️ Local Purchase Options:

  • If you prefer to buy solar eclipse glasses locally in Northbridge, Massachusetts, consider checking out:
    • Local science stores or planetariums may carry solar viewing glasses.
    • Outdoor adventure stores or camping supply shops might also have these glasses in stock.

🔍 Generic Locations:

  • In absence of specific information for Northbridge, you can search for solar eclipse glasses at retail stores like Walmart, hardware stores, or optometry shops in the vicinity.

👓 Why Wear Solar Eclipse Glasses?

  • It's crucial to wear ISO-12321-2(E:2015) certified solar eclipse glasses during the event to protect your eyes from harmful solar radiation. Watching an eclipse without proper eye protection can lead to permanent eye damage or even blindness.

🌐 Accurate Eclipse Timing:

  • To ensure you don't miss the eclipse, you can visit for precise date and time details customized for Northbridge, Massachusetts.

🌘 Understanding Solar Eclipses:

  • Solar eclipses occur when the moon aligns between the sun and the Earth, casting a shadow on the Earth's surface. This alignment can result in a partial or total obstruction of the sun's light, creating a mesmerizing celestial event.

Ensure you are well-prepared with proper solar eclipse glasses to safely enjoy this rare astronomical phenomenon in Northbridge, Massachusetts! 🕶️🔭

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