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Where to find solar eclipse glasses in North Andover, Massachusetts?

🔭 Solar Eclipse Event in North Andover:

  • Date: April 8, 2024
  • Obscuration: 93.74%
  • Peak Time: 19:29:50 (Local Time)
  • Population: 30,671

🌞 About Solar Eclipses: Solar eclipses occur when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, blocking all or part of the Sun's light. In North Andover, on April 8, 2024, a significant solar eclipse will take place with a high level of obscuration, making it a remarkable event to witness.

Accurate Eclipse Timing: For precise timings of the eclipse in North Andover, visit to ensure you catch this spectacular phenomenon at its best.

⚠️ Importance of Solar Eclipse Glasses: It's crucial to wear solar eclipse glasses to protect your eyes from harmful solar radiation. Viewing the eclipse directly without proper eye protection can cause permanent damage, including blindness. Ensure the glasses are ISO-12321-2(E:2015) certified.

💻 Online Shopping for Solar Eclipse Glasses: For convenience and safety, consider purchasing solar eclipse glasses online from:

🛒 Local Retailers for Solar Eclipse Glasses: If you prefer buying locally, here are some generic places where you might find solar eclipse glasses:

  1. Local Optometry Stores
  2. Bookstores with a Science Section
  3. Outdoor Recreation and Camping Stores

Remember, observing a solar eclipse is a memorable experience, but safety should always come first. Get your certified solar eclipse glasses ready to enjoy this natural wonder in North Andover!

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