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Where to find solar eclipse glasses in New Ulm, Minnesota?

🌞 Solar Eclipse Event Details in New Ulm, Minnesota:

  • Date: April 8, 2024
  • Population: 14,052
  • Obscuration: 73.76%
  • Peak Time: 19:00:25 Local Time
  • Partial Begin: 17:47:17 Local Time
  • Partial End: 20:12:54 Local Time

🔭 Understanding Solar Eclipses:

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, blocking all or part of the Sun's light. In New Ulm, Minnesota, on April 8, 2024, a partial solar eclipse with a significant obscuration of 73.76% will be visible.

🕶️ Importance of Solar Eclipse Glasses:

It's crucial to wear ISO-12321-2(E:2015) certified solar eclipse glasses to view the eclipse safely. Regular sunglasses or homemade filters are not safe for direct viewing of the Sun during an eclipse.

🛒 Where to Buy Solar Eclipse Glasses:

🌐 offers solar eclipse glasses with 3-day USA shipping, bulk discounts, and a 10% discount using coupon code "ECLIPSE".

🌐 also provides solar eclipse glasses online with similar offers for the upcoming event.

🔍 Local Purchase Options:

  • Check local astronomy stores or science museums like Science Museum of Minnesota for solar eclipse glasses.

  • Visit outdoor or camping stores such as REI or Walmart, as they sometimes stock eclipse glasses before celestial events.

🌐 for accurate eclipse time

Enjoy the celestial spectacle safely with proper solar eclipse glasses!

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