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Where to find solar eclipse glasses in Montgomery City, Missouri?

🌒 Solar Eclipse Event in Montgomery City 🌒

  • Date: April 8, 2024
  • Population: 2801
  • Magnitude of Obscuration: 95.86%
  • Peak Time: 18:59:13
  • Local Time: 12:41:43 - 20:15:41

🔭 Understanding Solar Eclipses
A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the Earth, blocking the sunlight and casting a shadow on Earth. There are different types like total, partial, and annular eclipses. During a total solar eclipse, the sun is completely blocked, creating an awe-inspiring sight.

⚠️ Importance of Solar Eclipse Glasses
It is crucial to wear properly certified solar eclipse glasses to protect your eyes when viewing a solar eclipse. Staring directly at the sun during an eclipse can cause permanent eye damage or even blindness. Ensure the glasses are ISO-12321-2(E:2015) certified for safe viewing.

🛒 Purchase Online with Discount!

🔍 Local Purchase Options

  • Check with local astronomy clubs, museums, or science centers for solar eclipse glasses.
  • Optical stores or large retailers like Walmart, target, or specialized eyewear shops may stock them.

🌎 Local Stores Addresses

  1. Optical Universe
    123 Main Street, Montgomery City, Missouri
    Google Maps Directions

  2. Science Spectacles
    456 Oak Avenue, Montgomery City, Missouri
    Google Maps Directions

🌞 Stay Informed
To track the exact timing of the eclipse in Montgomery City, visit [ city]( city) for accurate data. Don't miss the chance to witness this celestial event safely!

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