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Where to find solar eclipse glasses in Millen, Georgia?

🔆 Event Information:

  • City: Millen
  • State: Georgia
  • Population: 2995
  • Obscuration: 73.61%
  • Peak Time: April 8, 2024, at 7:07 PM UTC
  • Local Time: Partial eclipse begins at 1:49 PM and ends at 8:22 PM

🌒 Understanding Solar Eclipses: A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, blocking or partially blocking the Sun's light. In a total eclipse, the Sun is completely obscured, creating an eerie darkness. Partial eclipses, like the one in Millen, are when the Sun is only partially covered by the Moon.

⚠️ Importance of Solar Eclipse Glasses: It's crucial to wear ISO-12321-2(E:2015) certified solar eclipse glasses when viewing any phase of a solar eclipse. Without proper eye protection, looking directly at the Sun during an eclipse can cause serious damage, including permanent blindness.

🌐 Online Options:

  • Looking for quick delivery and discounts? Check out or for solar eclipse glasses. They offer 3-day shipping in the USA, bulk discounts, and a 10% off coupon code "ECLIPSE".
  • Need accurate timings for the eclipse in Millen? Visit for precise eclipse information.

🛍️ Local Retailers: If you prefer buying locally, here are generic places where you might find solar eclipse glasses:

  • Local Stores: Visit optical stores, science museums, or specialty gift shops in your area.
  • Online Search: Can't find local options? Try searching online for stores near Millen selling solar eclipse glasses.
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