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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Washington, Indiana?

Solar Eclipse

The residents of Washington, Indiana are in for a treat on April 8, 2024, as a rare solar eclipse event will be visible in the area. With a population of 12,015, Washington is a city located in the state of Indiana, with coordinates at latitude 38.6586 and longitude -87.1591. The eclipse will be a total eclipse, with an obscuration rate of 1.

To fully enjoy this incredible celestial occurrence, it is essential to protect your eyes with proper solar eclipse glasses. These specially designed glasses block harmful UV rays and allow you to safely observe the eclipse without damaging your eyes. Let's explore where you can buy solar eclipse glasses, both locally in Washington and online.

Online Options

To ensure you have access to solar eclipse glasses conveniently and with fast shipping, two excellent online options are available.

  1. - This website offers a wide range of solar eclipse glasses. They provide a 3-day shipping option within the USA and offer bulk discounts. Use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" during checkout to receive a 10% discount on your order.

  2. - Another reputable online store that sells solar eclipse glasses. They also provide 3-day USA shipping, offer bulk discounts, and accept the coupon code "ECLIPSE" for a 10% discount on purchases.

Local Options

If you prefer to buy solar eclipse glasses locally in Washington, Indiana, here are a few places you can check:

  1. Local Optometry Clinics: Optometry clinics often carry solar eclipse glasses. Contact your local clinics like Washington Family Eye Center or Washington Eye Center to inquire about their availability.

  2. Pharmacies and Drugstores: Chain pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS may stock solar eclipse glasses. Visit your nearest store or call in advance to check if they carry this specialty item.

  3. Outdoor and Sporting Goods Stores: Retailers such as Walmart, Dick's Sporting Goods, or Bass Pro Shops often have sections dedicated to outdoor recreation and may sell solar eclipse glasses.

  4. Online Retailers for In-Store Pickup: Online marketplaces like Amazon or Walmart allow you to order solar eclipse glasses online and pick them up at a local store, saving you shipping time.

While these options are specific to Washington, Indiana, keep in mind that solar eclipse glasses can be found in many retailers across the country. If you can't find them locally, you can always purchase them online from the trusted sources mentioned earlier.

Accurate Eclipse Timing

To ensure you don't miss a moment of this extraordinary event, visit for accurate date and time information for the eclipse in Washington, Indiana. Eclipse Timer provides precise timing details, allowing you to plan your day around this awe-inspiring natural phenomenon.

Remember, the solar eclipse is a mesmerizing spectacle, but it is crucial to protect your eyes! Invest in a pair of solar eclipse glasses to safely enjoy this extraordinary event. Whether you choose to purchase them online or locally, make sure they have the appropriate ISO certification for eye safety.

Happy eclipsing, Washington, Indiana!

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