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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Vermilion, Ohio?


Are you excited about the upcoming solar eclipse in Vermilion, Ohio? If you're planning to observe this breathtaking celestial event, you'll need to ensure you have proper eye protection. In this article, we will provide you with information on where to buy solar eclipse glasses locally in Vermilion, as well as online options for your convenience.

But before we dive into the details, let's take a look at the important information regarding the solar eclipse in Vermilion:

  • Date: April 8, 2024
  • Obscuration: 100%
  • Population: Approximately 10,560

🛒 Online Options

If you prefer the convenience of shopping online and want to receive your solar eclipse glasses without leaving the comfort of your home, we recommend checking out two reliable online stores:

  1. This website offers a wide range of solar eclipse glasses. They provide fast shipping within the USA, typically delivering your order within 3 days. You can even enjoy a 10% discount on your purchase by using the coupon code "ECLIPSE." Don't miss out on this great deal!

  2. Another fantastic online store where you can find high-quality solar eclipse glasses. They also offer 3-day shipping within the USA, ensuring you receive your glasses well in advance of the eclipse. Remember to use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" at checkout for a 10% discount.

Now that we've covered the online options, let's explore local establishments in Vermilion, Ohio, where you might be able to find solar eclipse glasses.

🏬 Local Options

Given the size of Vermilion and the specialty nature of solar eclipse glasses, it may be challenging to find a local store that specifically sells them. However, there are a few general retailers you can try contacting in Vermilion:

  1. Pharmacies: Local pharmacies such as CVS, Walgreens, or Rite Aid sometimes carry niche items like solar eclipse glasses. It's worth giving them a call beforehand to check their stock.

  2. Department stores: Stores like Walmart, Target, or Kmart often have a variety of products, including sunglasses and optical accessories. While they may not always have solar eclipse glasses in stock, it's worth checking their optical departments or calling ahead to inquire.

  3. Outdoor gear stores: Shops specializing in outdoor equipment and adventure gear, like REI, may carry eclipse viewing accessories during the time leading up to significant celestial events. Give them a call to see if they have the glasses you need.

  4. Local science centers or planetariums: These educational institutions sometimes stock solar eclipse glasses, especially when hosting eclipse-related events or educational programs. Reach out to the nearest science center or planetarium in Vermilion or nearby cities to inquire about availability.

Please note that availability may vary, so it's advisable to call these establishments in advance or visit their websites to check if they have solar eclipse glasses in stock. Additionally, keep in mind that generic places like gas stations and convenience stores might occasionally have a limited supply of solar eclipse glasses available.

While local options are not guaranteed, you can always use online shopping platforms to quickly access a wide range of solar eclipse glasses. Don't forget to apply the coupon code "ECLIPSE" to get a discount on and!

⏰ Accurate Eclipse Timing

To ensure you don't miss a single second of the solar eclipse in Vermilion, Ohio, we recommend using This website provides accurate date and time information specific to your location, helping you plan your eclipse viewing experience to perfection.

Remember, observing a solar eclipse can be a magnificent experience, but it's crucial to protect your eyes properly. Always wear certified solar eclipse glasses to safeguard your vision and fully enjoy the celestial spectacle.


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