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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Thatcher, Arizona?

🌞 Are you ready for an exciting celestial event? On April 8, 2024, Thatcher, Arizona will be treated to a partial solar eclipse with an obscuration of 70.99%. It's definitely an event you wouldn't want to miss!

To fully enjoy the eclipse without risking your eyesight, it is essential to wear proper solar eclipse glasses. We have got you covered with two fantastic online options that offer a convenient and safe way to purchase solar eclipse glasses.

Visit for a wide selection of solar eclipse glasses. With their 3-day USA shipping, you'll receive your glasses just in time for the eclipse. They offer bulk discounts, making it a great option if you're organizing an eclipse viewing party with friends and family. Don't forget to use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" at checkout to get an additional 10% off your purchase!

Another excellent online store to consider is They also offer solar eclipse glasses with 3-day USA shipping. Check out their website for a variety of stylish and effective glasses that will protect your eyes during the eclipse. Don't miss the chance to use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" for a 10% discount on your order!

🕒 Planning to view the eclipse in Thatcher, Arizona? The eclipse timings are as follows:

  • Partial Eclipse Begin (UTC): 2024-04-08 17:08:46
  • Peak Time (UTC): 2024-04-08 18:22:20
  • Partial Eclipse End (UTC): 2024-04-08 19:39:07

📍 As for local options to purchase solar eclipse glasses in the city, there may not be specific stores dedicated to selling them. However, you can check local science museums, planetariums, or even outdoor equipment stores like REI. It's recommended to call ahead or visit their websites to confirm availability.

🌍 If you are unable to find a local option in Thatcher, Arizona, you can search for generic places in your area by using this Google search link. It will provide you with a list of stores or online retailers nearby where you can find solar eclipse glasses.

📆 For accurate date and time information about the eclipse in Thatcher, Arizona, visit This website will ensure that you never miss a second of this incredible celestial event in your area.

Enjoy this remarkable solar eclipse safely with your newly acquired pair of solar eclipse glasses!

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