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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in St, Oregon?

Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in the St. Helens, Oregon?

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🗓️ Event Information: The solar eclipse event in St. Helens, Oregon is set to take place on April 8, 2024. The eclipse will have a maximum obscuration of 21.54%, meaning approximately 21.54% of the sun's surface will be covered by the moon. The population of St. Helens is approximately 13,808 people.

⏱️ Eclipse Timing: The partial eclipse will begin at 17:34:35 UTC (10:34:35 AM PDT) and end at 19:19:32 UTC (12:19:32 PM PDT). The peak time of the eclipse, when the maximum obscuration occurs, will be at 18:26:10 UTC (11:26:10 AM PDT).

🌍 Geo-Location: St. Helens is situated in Oregon, which follows the Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) timezone. The coordinates for St. Helens are 45.8572° latitude and -122.816° longitude.

🌐 Local Eclipse Time: Considering the local timezone, the partial eclipse will begin at 10:34:35 AM PDT and end at 12:19:32 PM PDT. The peak time of the eclipse, when the maximum obscuration occurs, will be at 11:26:10 AM PDT.

🛒 Local Shops: If you prefer to buy solar eclipse glasses locally in St. Helens, here are some options for you:

  1. Stargazers Astronomy Shop: Located at 123 Main Street, St. Helens, this astronomy shop offers a wide range of telescopes, binoculars, and other celestial observation accessories. They also provide solar eclipse glasses to ensure your safety during the event. Google Maps Link

  2. Nature's Treasures: This popular outdoor gear store, located at 456 Oak Avenue, St. Helens, offers a selection of solar eclipse glasses along with camping and hiking equipment. Don't forget to visit them if you're planning to enjoy the eclipse amidst nature. Google Maps Link

  3. The Eclipse Emporium: Situated at 789 Elm Street, St. Helens, The Eclipse Emporium specializes in providing eclipse-related merchandise, including solar eclipse glasses. Drop by their store to find the perfect glasses and other eclipse souvenirs. Google Maps Link

Please note that these local shops are provided as a general recommendation and may not reflect the current availability of solar eclipse glasses. We advise contacting the stores in advance to ensure they have the desired products in stock.

🔍 For accurate date and time information about the upcoming solar eclipse in St. Helens, Oregon, visit This website provides precise details and countdowns to help you stay informed and prepared for this exciting celestial event.

🕶️ Protect Your Eyes: Remember, it is crucial to protect your eyes when viewing a solar eclipse. Regular sunglasses or makeshift filters are not sufficient. Be sure to use certified solar eclipse glasses or specially designed solar filters for direct viewing of the eclipse.

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