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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Ridgecrest, California?

Are you excited about the upcoming solar eclipse in Ridgecrest, California? Don't forget to grab your solar eclipse glasses to safely view this breathtaking celestial event. In this article, we will guide you on where to buy solar eclipse glasses locally in Ridgecrest, and also provide online options for your convenience. Let's dive in!

Don't miss out, get your eclipse glasses online!

For a hassle-free shopping experience, we recommend checking out and These online stores specialize in selling high-quality solar eclipse glasses. Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing from them:

  • 3 day USA shipping: If you're worried about receiving your glasses on time, both and offer quick 3-day shipping within the USA. You won't have to wait long to receive your order and be ready for the solar eclipse!

  • Bulk discounts: Planning a solar eclipse viewing party with friends, family, or colleagues? These online stores offer bulk discounts, allowing you to save money when buying multiple pairs of eclipse glasses. It's a great opportunity to share the experience with loved ones!

  • Coupon code "ECLIPSE" for 10% off: Want an additional discount? Don't forget to use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" during checkout to avail a 10% discount on your purchase. It's a fantastic deal that makes these online stores even more appealing.

Visit and to explore their wide selection of solar eclipse glasses and place your order today!

Local options for purchasing solar eclipse glasses

If you prefer to buy solar eclipse glasses locally in Ridgecrest, here are some generic places where you might find them:

  1. Pharmacies and Drugstores: Check out local pharmacies and drugstores in Ridgecrest. They often carry eclipse glasses, especially during the weeks leading up to solar eclipses. Visit stores like CVS, Walgreens, or Rite Aid to inquire about their availability.

  2. Outdoor and Camping Supply Stores: Stores specializing in outdoor and camping equipment may stock solar eclipse glasses. Outdoor enthusiasts often use these glasses for various activities. Look for stores like REI or Dick's Sporting Goods in the Ridgecrest area.

  3. Optical Stores: Opticians and optical stores might have solar eclipse glasses available for purchase. Visit local stores such as LensCrafters or Pearle Vision to check if they carry eclipse glasses.

  4. Local Planetarium or Science Centers: Contact your nearest planetarium or science center in Ridgecrest. These educational institutions may sell solar eclipse glasses as part of their outreach programs or gift shops. They can also provide valuable information and resources about the eclipse itself.

Please note that availability may vary, and it's always a good idea to call ahead or visit the websites of these stores to ensure they have the glasses in stock.

Accurate date & time information about the eclipse

To stay updated and ensure you don't miss out on the solar eclipse in Ridgecrest, visit for accurate date and time information. Eclipse Timer offers a reliable source for tracking the progress of solar eclipses. Plan your viewing schedule accordingly to witness the mesmerizing celestial event!

Remember, never look directly at the sun without proper eye protection like solar eclipse glasses. Enjoy the solar eclipse safely and have an amazing experience in Ridgecrest, California!

Stay tuned for more updates and information about the upcoming solar eclipse. Happy viewing! 🌑🌞

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