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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in El Dorado, Arkansas?

🌞 Are you excited about the upcoming solar eclipse event in El Dorado, Arkansas? We have all the information you need to make the most of this celestial phenomenon, including where to buy solar eclipse glasses both locally and online.

Solar Eclipse Event Details

On April 8, 2024, El Dorado will experience a solar eclipse with an obscuration of 97.74%. The peak time of the event is scheduled to occur at 6:50 PM local time. The partial phase of the eclipse will begin at 12:30 PM local time and end at 8:09 PM. This is an incredibly rare event that you won't want to miss!

To ensure you have a safe and enjoyable viewing experience, it's crucial to wear proper solar eclipse glasses. These glasses protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun during the eclipse.

Online Shops: and

Planning to purchase your solar eclipse glasses online? Look no further than and! These reputable online retailers offer a wide selection of solar eclipse glasses that meet safety standards. is the go-to destination for all your solar eclipse glasses needs. They provide a vast range of options, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your eyes. By visiting their website, you can explore their inventory and place an order conveniently from the comfort of your home. Plus, they offer the following benefits:

  • 3-day USA shipping
  • Bulk discounts
  • 10% off your order with the coupon code "ECLIPSE"

For more information, check out and start preparing for the solar eclipse today!

Similarly, is another trusted online retailer offering solar eclipse glasses. With their high-quality products, you can experience the eclipse safely. They prioritize customer satisfaction and have excellent customer reviews. Don't miss out on their fantastic deals and promotions!

Visit to browse their collection and secure your solar eclipse glasses.

Local Retailers

If you prefer to purchase solar eclipse glasses locally, it's best to check with nearby stores, pharmacies, or optical shops. Although we do not have specific information about El Dorado's local retailers, here are some generic places where you might find solar eclipse glasses:

  1. Pharmacies: Local pharmacies, such as Walgreens or CVS, often stock a variety of eyewear products, including sunglasses. They might carry solar eclipse glasses when an eclipse event is approaching.

  2. Optical Shops: Optical shops, like LensCrafters or Visionworks, specialize in eyewear and have a better chance of having solar eclipse glasses available. You can check their store locations in El Dorado for availability.

  3. Outdoor Retailers: Stores like REI or Bass Pro Shops may carry solar eclipse glasses due to their outdoor focus. These retailers often sell equipment and accessories for outdoor activities, including sunglasses for various purposes.

Remember to call ahead or visit the stores' websites to confirm availability. It's recommended to purchase solar eclipse glasses well in advance as the demand for them can be high during eclipse events.

Accurate Date & Time with

For accurate information on the date and time of the solar eclipse in El Dorado, Arkansas, visit This website provides precise details to help you plan your day accordingly. To access the specific information for El Dorado, browse to dorado and stay up-to-date with the event.

Remember, safety should be your top priority during the solar eclipse. Whether you choose to purchase your solar eclipse glasses online from or or explore local retailers in El Dorado, make sure the glasses meet the necessary safety requirements. Enjoy the breathtaking phenomenon and protect your eyes at the same time!


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