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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Clifton, New Jersey?

Attention all skywatchers and eclipse enthusiasts in Clifton, New Jersey! Prepare to witness an astronomical spectacle as a significant solar eclipse is set to darken the skies. On April 8, 2024, everyone in the area will have the opportunity to experience this breathtaking phenomenon, where the obscuration will reach an impressive 90.65%. As the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, the partial eclipse will start locally at 2:10 PM and reach its peak at 3:25 PM, concluding by 4:36 PM.

To ensure you're able to safely enjoy this momentous occasion, buying the right solar eclipse glasses is a necessity. Here's an exciting opportunity for all you Clifton residents:

🌟 and are your go-to online shops for securing eclipse glasses. With 3-day shipping across the USA, bulk discounts, and an exclusive 10% off when using the coupon code "ECLIPSE", these stores present a convenient and trustworthy option.

Now, if online shopping is not your style or you'd like to buy your solar eclipse glasses in person, Clifton offers several local options:

  • 🛍️ Walmart Supercenter: Known for an assortment of eyewear, stop by your nearest Walmart at 174 Passaic St, Clifton, NJ 07014. Check the availability with a quick search on Google Maps.

  • 📘 Barnes & Noble: Occasionally, specialty items such as eclipse glasses are available at this well-known book retailer. Located at 395 NJ-3, Clifton, NJ 07014, it's worth a visit. For directions, click here.

  • 👓 Local Optometrists and Science Education Stores: These venues might stock eclipse glasses for events such as these. Look for local optometrists or stores that specialize in scientific and educational supplies in the Clifton area.

  • 🔍 Planetariums and Observatories: Get in touch with local astronomical societies or visit planetariums nearby. They often sell or distribute eclipse glasses for events and can provide expert advice.

When preparing for this cosmic event, accurate timing is crucial. Check out for the exact date and time of the eclipse in Clifton. This site will serve as an invaluable resource for your eclipse watching plans.

Remember that solar eclipses must be observed with proper safety equipment to protect your eyesight. Ordinary sunglasses, even very dark ones, are not safe for looking at the sun.

In conclusion, get ready to gaze at the skies with confidence and the right protective gear. Whether you prefer the convenience of online shopping with special discounts or the personal experience of local purchasing, Clifton, New Jersey, provides a variety of options to obtain your eclipse glasses. Embrace this celestial experience and watch one of nature's most awe-inspiring shows safely and spectacularly. 🌒🕶️✨

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