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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Austin, Texas?

Austin, Texas is about to witness an astronomical spectacle! On April 8, 2024, the sky over Austin will darken as the city experiences a total solar eclipse. This rare event will offer residents and visitors alike a chance to see the moon completely cover the sun. The phenomenon's partial phase will begin at 12:17 PM local time, leading up to the total eclipse at 1:35 PM, reaching its peak at 1:37 PM, and ending at 1:38 PM. The skies will gradually brighten again, with the entire show concluding by 2:58 PM.

During this celestial event, it's crucial to protect your eyes by using proper solar eclipse glasses. Looking directly at the sun without proper protection can cause serious eye damage. To ensure that you're prepared for this unforgettable experience, let's talk about where you can secure your essential gear.

Shop Online for Convenience and Quick Delivery

🌟 and are your go-to online stores for purchasing solar eclipse glasses. With their 3-day shipping across the USA, you won't have to worry about your glasses not arriving on time. Plus, they offer bulk discounts, which is perfect if you're planning to enjoy the eclipse with friends or family. Make sure to use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" to grab a 10% discount on your purchase. Order now to ensure you have your glasses well before the solar eclipse day.

Finding Solar Eclipse Glasses Locally

If you prefer to shop locally or you're making a last-minute purchase, here are some generic places in and around Austin where solar eclipse glasses are likely to be sold:

  • Local Astronomy Clubs & Planetariums: Reputable clubs and planetariums often sell or give away ISO-certified solar glasses during astronomical events. They ensure that the products meet safety standards.

  • Science Museums & Educational Suppliers: These establishments understand the importance of experiencing an eclipse safely, so you might find solar glasses on sale here.

  • Optical Stores: Some optical retailers stock eclipse glasses as the date of an eclipse approaches.

  • Camera Stores: If you're into photography, camera stores might have solar filters for your camera lenses, and sometimes they carry eclipse glasses as well.

  • Department Stores & Supermarkets: Major retail chains and supermarkets might carry solar eclipse glasses in their seasonal or educational sections.

  • Hardware Stores: Check out local hardware stores, as they sometimes carry welding glasses rated 14 or above, which are safe for viewing a solar eclipse.

For the exact locations of these types of stores in Austin, you can perform a quick search on Google Maps: Search for solar eclipse glasses in Austin.

Remember to Plan Ahead

Events like solar eclipses attract a lot of attention, and the demand for solar eclipse glasses can be high. Stock up early to avoid a last-minute rush and ensure you have the correct and safe viewing equipment.

Accurate Date & Time Information

Interested in knowing the exact timing of the eclipse in Austin? Head to Eclipse Timer for precise date and time information tailored to the city. This helps you plan your day to get the best solar eclipse viewing experience possible.

The total solar eclipse in Austin will be an event to remember. Whether you choose to purchase your glasses online for ease and quick delivery or if you prefer to find them in local stores, the most important thing is to ensure your eyes are protected. Enjoy the rare and spectacular sight of the solar eclipse, but do so safely with proper solar eclipse glasses. Don't miss out on the chance to witness this awe-inspiring event in the sky over Austin, Texas!

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