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Where to find solar eclipse glasses in Belle Haven, Virginia?

🌞 The city of Belle Haven, Virginia will experience a solar eclipse event on April 8, 2024. The eclipse will have an obscuration of 86.93%, meaning a significant portion of the sun will be covered by the moon. The partial phase of the eclipse will begin at the local time of 2:04 PM and peak at 3:20 PM, ending at 4:32 PM.

🔭 To ensure safe viewing of this celestial phenomenon, it's crucial to wear solar eclipse glasses that are ISO-12321-2(E:2015) certified. Not using proper eye protection during a solar eclipse can cause serious harm to your eyesight, as the sun's rays remain just as harmful during an eclipse.

🛍️ Where to Buy Solar Eclipse Glasses?

🌐 and are excellent online options to purchase solar eclipse glasses. They offer a variety of glasses with 3-day USA shipping, bulk discounts, and a 10% off coupon code "ECLIPSE". Ensure you buy your glasses well in advance of the event to avoid last-minute rushes.

🔍 If you prefer purchasing locally, consider checking the following options:

  • Local Optical Stores: Visit your nearest optical stores, such as optometrists or eyewear retailers. They might carry solar eclipse glasses closer to the event date.

  • Outdoor Retailers: Some outdoor adventure or camping stores may stock solar eclipse glasses or similar eye protection gear in their travel accessories section.

  • Science Museums or Planetariums: Institutions like science museums or planetariums often sell solar eclipse glasses in preparation for astronomical events.

🔗 For more precise timings of the eclipse and other useful information, check out for accurate details specific to Belle Haven.

🕶️ Remember, enjoying a solar eclipse safely with the right tools enhances the experience and protects your eyes from harm. Make sure to grab your ISO-certified solar eclipse glasses before the event to marvel at the beauty of nature's cosmic spectacle!

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