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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Trussville, Alabama?

Are you excited about the upcoming solar eclipse event in Trussville, Alabama? Well, you should be! On April 8, 2024, Trussville will experience a partial solar eclipse with an obscuration of 0.85927. The event will begin at 17:41:32 UTC and end at 20:18:09 UTC, with the peak time occurring at 19:00:48 UTC. Mark your calendars because this celestial phenomenon is one you wouldn't want to miss!

To ensure your safety and optimal viewing experience, it is crucial to have proper eye protection in the form of solar eclipse glasses. These specially designed glasses allow you to observe the eclipse without harmful effects on your eyes.

Online Stores

If you're looking for a convenient and hassle-free way to purchase solar eclipse glasses, look no further than and These online stores offer a wide range of high-quality solar eclipse glasses that will be shipped to your doorstep within 3 days anywhere in the USA. What's more, they even offer bulk discounts, making it a perfect option for friends, family, or even local communities to purchase together. And don't forget to use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" at checkout for an additional 10% off your purchase.

Local Stores

If you prefer to buy solar eclipse glasses locally in Trussville, Alabama, please note that specific details about local vendors selling eclipse glasses may not be available. Nonetheless, you can check out some generic options that are likely to carry these products:

  • Pharmacies: Many local pharmacies such as Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid often have a section dedicated to seasonal items, including eyewear for events like a solar eclipse. It is worth visiting your nearby pharmacies to see if they have any solar eclipse glasses in stock.

  • Outdoor Retail Stores: Stores that specialize in outdoor equipment and adventure gear, such as REI or Bass Pro Shops, may have solar eclipse glasses available. These stores often stock items for various outdoor activities and may carry eclipse glasses during the event period.

  • Big Box Stores: Check out larger retail stores like Walmart, Target, or Best Buy, as they often have a wide range of products, including seasonal items. While it's not guaranteed, there's a chance you might find solar eclipse glasses in the eyewear or seasonal sections of these stores.

Keep in mind that it's always advisable to call ahead of time to verify if the stores mentioned above have solar eclipse glasses in stock. Due to the nature of the event, demand for these glasses might be high, so it's better to be prepared.

Additional Resources

Apart from finding the perfect pair of solar eclipse glasses, it's also important to stay informed about the exact date and time of the eclipse. You can visit to access accurate information about the date and time of the eclipse. Simply visit Eclipse Timer to get detailed information tailored specifically for Trussville, Alabama.

Now that you know where to buy solar eclipse glasses locally or online, make sure to mark your calendar, prepare your viewing equipment, and get ready to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of the solar eclipse in Trussville, Alabama. Don't forget to observe safety guidelines while enjoying this exceptional phenomenon. Happy viewing!

Disclaimer: The details provided above are generic suggestions and may not specifically apply to Trussville, Alabama. Consider checking local listings, online directories, or contacting nearby stores for precise information regarding the availability of solar eclipse glasses in your area.

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