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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in St. George, Utah?

Attention, St. George residents, and visitors! Prepare to witness a celestial spectacle as a solar eclipse will cast its shadow across your beautiful city on April 8, 2024! This event is set to be a partially observable wonder with an obscuration of 52.6534%, providing a stunning solar display for all to enjoy. The magic begins at 11:15:57 AM local time, peaks at 12:24:02 PM, and concludes by 1:35:01 PM.

As exciting as it is to witness such an event, it’s crucial to protect your vision with proper solar eclipse glasses. Fear not, for purchasing the necessary eyewear is a breeze. We advise securing your specialized glasses well in advance, and what better way than to order online from trusted sources?

🌟 and offer premium solar eclipse glasses that guarantee safety and stunning clarity. Both shops provide 3-day shipping across the USA, perfect for timely delivery to St. George. Don't forget to take advantage of bulk discounts for groups and use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" to get 10% off your purchase – get your community, friends, or school classes ready for the eclipse in one fell swoop!

Moreover, for the precise timing of the eclipse phases, be sure to check out, which offers the most accurate date and time information tailored to St. George.

Still prefer to shop locally on short notice? No problem! Here’s where you can generally look for eclipse glasses in and near St. George:

🔍 Science and Nature Stores: These are often found in museums or science centers, where you might find solar viewing glasses alongside other educational materials.

🔍 Optical and Sunglass Retailers: Some eyewear stores might carry CE and ISO certified solar eclipse glasses – it's worth giving them a call!

🔍 Local Libraries: In the past, libraries across the nation have provided free solar eclipse glasses for community events; inquire at your local library for any planned distribution.

🔍 Specialty Photography Stores: Shops that cater to photographers may also stock solar filters and glasses, as photographers need to protect their eyes when capturing the eclipse.

🔍 Hardware Stores: It’s not uncommon for larger hardware chains to stock eclipse glasses, especially as the event date draws near.

🔍 Planetariums and Universities: These educational institutions sometimes sell or give away eclipse glasses during astronomy-related events or observatories.

For those using Google Maps to find nearby shops, simply type "solar eclipse glasses in St. George, UT" into the search bar, or use the following link to begin your search: Google Maps Search.

And if by chance you're caught unprepared on the day of the eclipse, remember that many public events will offer viewers glasses to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment. Keep an eye on local listings and announcements as the date approaches.

In summary, whether through the convenience of an online purchase at or with that sweet deal using "ECLIPSE" code, or through a local retail hunt in St. George, acquiring your solar eclipse glasses should be as easy as enjoying the celestial show itself. Remember to plan, protect, and partake in the beauty of the solar eclipse with safety and wonder!

Don't miss out on this beautiful cosmic occurrence and make sure to mark your calendars and get your viewing equipment ready for an unforgettable experience under St. George's skies. Happy eclipse viewing! 🌒✨

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