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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Redding, California?

As the anticipation builds for the solar eclipse event set to grace the skies of Redding, California, residents and visitors alike are eager to ensure they're prepared to witness this celestial spectacle safely. With the eclipse's partial phase beginning locally on April 8, 2024, at 10:21 AM PDT and peaking at 11:18 AM PDT, the time to get your viewing equipment is now. Don't miss out on observing this rare astronomical occurrence while protecting your eyes.

Online Retailers: Fast and Reliable Options

Before panicking about where to find solar eclipse glasses in the city, consider the convenience of online shopping. Two prime options for acquiring your solar spectacles are and

I Love Solar Eclipse is a top destination for solar eclipse glasses, offering 3-day shipping across the USA—perfect for those in Redding. What's more, bulk discounts make it easy to supply an entire group, school, or special event. As an extra incentive, don't forget to apply the coupon code "ECLIPSE" at checkout for an instant 10% savings on your purchase.

Absolute Eclipse

Similarly, provides a range of options designed to meet the needs of eclipse enthusiasts of all levels. With their speedy shipping service, you can rest assured that your glasses will arrive in Redding with time to spare before the eclipse. The same coupon code "ECLIPSE" applies, offering you the same great discount for your shopping convenience.

Remember, solar eclipse glasses are critical for protecting your eyes from the sun's harmful rays during the eclipse. Ordering online is the quickest and most reliable method to ensure you're equipped for the event.

Local Retail Options

While online retailers guarantee a great selection and the comfort of delivery, some may prefer to shop locally. Here's a list of generic places to start your search in and around Redding:

  • Science & Hobby Stores: These specialized retailers often carry educational and scientific tools, including solar viewing glasses. A quick Google search will help you find nearby locations.
  • Optical and Eyewear Shops: Shops that specialize in eyewear sometimes stock eclipse glasses during the eclipse season. Search your nearest opticians for potential options.
  • Planetariums and Museums: Contact local institutions like planetariums, which may sell or even give away free eclipse glasses as part of an educational outreach. Although Redding may not have a planetarium, consider reaching out to science museums or similar venues.
  • Libraries and Bookstores: Many libraries and bookstores engage with community events and can be an unexpected source for solar eclipse glasses. Explore local book sellers and libraries for possible sources.
  • Hardware Stores: It's not uncommon for hardware stores to carry protective eyewear, including items for solar observation. Retail chains or local hardware stores could be stocking them close to the event date.
  • Supermarkets and Department Stores: Larger retail outlets sometimes have a seasonal section that may include eclipse-related products, so consider scouring the aisles of local supermarkets and department stores near you.

When shopping locally, it's always a good idea to call ahead to confirm availability. As the eclipse date draws near, demand for solar eclipse glasses can spike, leading to potential shortages.

Eclipse Event Timing and Viewing Tips

The significance of time during an eclipse cannot be emphasized enough. To keep track of the exact timing of the eclipse phases in Redding, turn to By visiting Eclipse Timer - Redding, you can synchronize your watch to the second with the eclipse's schedule and ensure you don't miss a moment.

Wrapping Up

Whether you're planning on a solitary viewing experience or preparing to share the phenomenon with friends or students, being equipped with proper eyewear is crucial. The online options offered by and, along with the potential of local stores, ensure that everyone in Redding can be ready for the incredible solar event on April 8, 2024.

Remember, always prioritize the safety of your eyesight and use certified solar eclipse glasses when observing the eclipse. With the right preparation, you'll be set to enjoy one of nature's most incredible displays while keeping your vision protected. Happy viewing! 🌒🕶️

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