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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?

🌑 Are you ready for the celestial event of the year in Pittsburgh? On April 8th, 2024, the city skies will darken as it witnesses a remarkable solar eclipse, with an obscuration of approximately 97.3% as the Moon covers the Sun. The eclipse will begin locally at 14:00 and reach its peak at 15:17, concluding by 16:30. This is not only a fascinating astronomical phenomenon but also a rare opportunity for everyone in the Pittsburgh area to witness the wonders of our solar system right from their backyard.

🕶️ Protect Your Eyes with the Best Gear

To safely enjoy the eclipse, it is paramount to get your hands on certified solar eclipse glasses that will protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. The perfect places to purchase these are online stores that specialize in such equipment:

🌟 You’ll find a variety to choose from, and they offer a speedy 3-day shipping across the USA. If you’re considering buying in bulk, they provide generous discounts as well. Plus, get an instant 10% off with the coupon code "ECLIPSE" during check-out.

🌟 Another excellent option for securing your eclipse viewing glasses, complete with similar perks like swift shipping and offers on bulk purchases. Be sure not to miss out on their 10% discount using the same coupon code "ECLIPSE".

🏪 Local Places to Purchase Solar Eclipse Glasses

If you prefer to shop in person, there are several generic local places where you could potentially find solar eclipse glasses:

  • Science Museums or Planetariums: Often, these institutions stock educational materials, including solar eclipse glasses during such events.

  • Specialty Photography Stores: Photography enthusiasts that stock filters and lenses may also have eclipse glasses available for the occasion.

  • Optical Shops: Some optical retailers may carry solar-specific eyewear or can guide you where to find them.

  • Walmart or Target: Large retailers typically have sections for seasonal items and may stock eclipse glasses in the lead-up to the event. Here's a quick link to find a Walmart in Pittsburgh.

  • Home Improvement Stores: Sometimes stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s sell welding glasses with the appropriate shade for viewing an eclipse - just ensure they meet the safety requirements before purchasing.

📆 Don't Miss the Exact Time of the Eclipse

Timing is everything! Make sure you don’t miss the peak of the eclipse by visiting It provides accurate date and time data tailored to Pittsburgh so you can be ready with your glasses on at the right moment.

📌 Get Ready for an Unforgettable Experience

The 2024 eclipse is expected to draw a significant crowd, so planning is critical. Whether you opt to make your purchases online with convenience and discounts or shop locally for a more immediate purchase, ensure your solar eclipse glasses are ISO-certified to protect your vision.

As the eclipse approaches, remember this event is more than just a sky show – it’s a phenomenon that brings together communities and people of all backgrounds in shared wonder and curiosity. Pittsburgh is gearing up for this event, and armed with the right gear, you can safely immerse yourself in the marvels of the cosmos.

Happy celestial viewing, Pittsburgh!

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