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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Orange, California?

Orange, California is gearing up for an astronomical event that's not to be missed! On April 8, 2024, residents and visitors will be treated to a solar eclipse. While the eclipse in Orange will be a partial one, with around 50.2% obscuration, the celestial spectacle is still sure to be a breathtaking sight. As we all know, safeguarding our eyes during an eclipse is paramount, which is why it’s crucial to get your hands on some high-quality solar eclipse glasses.

🌟 Online Shopping: Quick, Safe, and Reliable

Before diving into local options, let's put safety and convenience at the forefront. For those eager to prepare in advance and ensure their eyewear arrives on time, online shopping is the go-to option. Two standout websites— and—offer a fantastic selection of solar eclipse glasses. These sites not only promise 3-day shipping across the USA, which is perfect for those in a hurry, but they also provide bulk discounts for larger groups or families who want to share the experience.

To sweeten the deal even further, these online shops are offering a special coupon code "ECLIPSE" which gives you a 10% discount at checkout. So, not only are you getting certified, safe solar viewing glasses, but you're also snagging them at a discounted price!

🏢 Local Picks for Last-Minute Shoppers

If online shopping is not your style or you find yourself in need of glasses at the last minute, worry not. There are retail options right here in Orange. You can expect to find solar eclipse glasses being sold at a variety of local establishments:

  • Science and Education Stores: Shops specializing in scientific and educational supplies are likely to stock eclipse glasses.
  • Optical and Sunglass Retailers: Some stores that sell regular sunglasses may also offer solar eclipse glasses, especially as the event draws nearer.
  • Museums and Planetariums: Institutions focused on astronomy might sell eclipse glasses in their gift shops.
  • Hardware Stores: Larger hardware chains sometimes carry protective eyewear suitable for eclipses.
  • Walmart or Target: Chain stores with diverse inventory could have eclipse glasses in stock in their seasonal or educational sections.

However, it's important to verify that any glasses you purchase comply with the ISO 12312-2 safety standards for direct solar viewing.

Here’s a quick Google Maps search to help you start browsing local stores that might carry solar eclipse glasses.

⏰ Don’t Miss the Peak Time

To make sure you don’t miss out on the peak of the eclipse in Orange, visit This site provides the exact times of the eclipse for your city. For Orange, eclipse festivities will begin when the partial phase starts at 10:05:46 AM local time (17:05:46 UTC) on April 8, 2024. The maximum eclipse, when around half of the sun’s surface will be obscured, occurs at 11:12:28 AM local time (18:12:28 UTC). The partial eclipse will end at 12:22:49 PM local time (19:22:49 UTC), thus giving you a good window of time to witness this natural wonder.

📚 Community and Educational Events

In the days leading up to the eclipse, keep an eye out for local educational events. Libraries, science centers, and local astronomy clubs often hold eclipse-related activities or workshops where solar eclipse glasses may be provided. These events can not only be a great place to pick up eclipse glasses but also offer a wealth of information to enrich your viewing experience.

In Conclusion

Whether watching from your backyard, meeting with community members, or attending a special viewing event, having the right protection for your eyes is crucial. Opting for reliable and quick sources like or with their enticing 10% off using the code “ECLIPSE” can make your preparation hassle-free. But, remember that local stores and educational events can also be valuable resources as you prepare for this stellar occasion.

Orange, California, with its picturesque views and enthusiastic community, promises to be a splendid place to enjoy the solar eclipse. Make sure you're prepared to safely gaze at the skies as the moon dances across the sun. Happy eclipse watching! 🌒✨

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