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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Ontario, California?

On April 8, 2024, the skies above Ontario, California, will evoke awe as the city experiences a significant solar eclipse event with an obscuration of 50.2053%. People from Ontario and the surrounding areas will be looking for the best way to witness this celestial spectacle safely. The partial eclipse will begin at 10:06 AM local time, peak at 11:13 AM, and end at 12:23 PM. With such an exciting event on the horizon, the question arises: where can you buy solar eclipse glasses to enjoy the eclipse safely?

🌑 Firstly, the fantastic news is that you don't even have to leave your home to get your hands on high-quality solar eclipse glasses! For the best online shopping experience, visit or Both websites specialize in eclipse viewing gear and offer:

  • 🚚 3-day shipping within the USA
  • 💸 Bulk discounts for large parties or events
  • 🔖 A special coupon code "ECLIPSE" that gives you 10% off.

Be sure to place your order well in advance to ensure that your glasses arrive before the eclipse!

🌑 In case you prefer to buy your solar eclipse glasses in person or need last-minute options, generic locations where such items are typically sold include:

  • 🛍️ Local Astronomy Shops: They may have eclipse glasses in stock or can point you to the nearest location that does.
  • 🏪 Retail Giants: Stores such as Walmart or Target occasionally carry these glasses.
  • 📚 Museums and Planetariums: They often sell solar viewing equipment, especially when an eclipse event is nearing.

In Ontario, while we may not have specifics on the local outlets, checking out the above types of establishments is likely your best bet. For a quick search of available options near you, simply click on the following Google search link: "solar eclipse glasses near Ontario, California".

🌑 And as you're preparing for the eclipse, it's also crucial to know the exact timings. Head over to for accurate date & time information specific to Ontario, so you won't miss a second of this incredible event!

Remember, when viewing a solar eclipse, protecting your eyes is paramount. Never look at the sun directly without proper solar filtering to prevent serious eye damage. Ensure your glasses meet the international safety standards for direct solar viewing.

As April 2024 approaches, get ready to experience the grandeur of the cosmos from Ontario, California, safely and memorably. Happy eclipse watching! 🌞🌙

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