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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Naperville, Illinois?

Naperville, Illinois, is gearing up for an astronomical event that promises to be nothing short of spectacular—the solar eclipse! With Naperville positioned to witness an obscuration of over 93%, residents and visitors alike are eagerly looking forward to April 8, 2024. At 12:50:34 PM local time, the eclipse will begin its partial phase, reaching its maximum at 2:06:48 PM, and ending by 3:21:16 PM. During this time, the sun will be mostly obscured by the moon, creating a dramatic and awe-inspiring celestial display.

To experience the eclipse safely, it is crucial to wear solar eclipse glasses, and you're in the right place to find out exactly where you can get them. Let’s begin with the most convenient option:

🌟 Online Purchase

For those who like to plan ahead and ensure they have the best equipment ready, look no further than and These dedicated websites specialize in solar eclipse glasses and offer amazing perks such as 3-day shipping within the USA, bulk discounts for those who want to get glasses for the whole family or group, and even a 10% off if you use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" at checkout.

🛍 Local Options in Naperville

Not everyone loves to shop online or might need glasses on short notice. If that’s you, here are some general places you can consider:

  • Science and Hobby Stores: Stores specializing in educational supplies or hobbies often stock solar eclipse glasses, especially as the event nears. Exploring a store like Hobby Lobby could be a fruitful option.

  • Museums and Planetariums: Given Naperville's proximity to Chicago, the Adler Planetarium may have eclipse glasses for sale in their gift shop. This is a bit of a drive, but also an opportunity to make a day of it with educational exhibits.

  • Optical and Sunglass Retailers: Places like Sunglass Hut may carry eclipse glasses as the date approaches but call ahead to confirm their availability.

  • Local Events: Keep an eye on community bulletin boards or the Naperville city's official website for local events that may distribute or sell eclipse glasses.

  • Libraries and Educational Institutions: Sometimes public libraries and schools will have a stock of eclipse glasses available, either for sale or as a free resource. The Naperville Public Library or North Central College could be potential sources.

  • Retail Giants: Finally, major retailers such as Walmart or Best Buy sometimes stock solar eclipse glasses in the days leading up to the event. Naperville has several locations which you can easily search on Google Maps.

    For those needing quick access: Google Maps for Walmart

    Google Maps for Best Buy

If you end up shopping in person, make sure the glasses meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard for such products.

📅 Eclipse Timing

To perfectly plan your view of the solar eclipse, visit, where accurate date and timing of the Naperville solar eclipse are available. This website can be a crucial tool to ensure you don't miss a second of this incredible celestial event!

⚠️ Safety Tip

Remember, looking directly at the sun without proper eye protection during an eclipse can lead to serious and irreversible eye damage. So, make obtaining proper solar eclipse glasses your priority if you want to seize the moment while keeping your eyes safe.

Capturing the full grandeur of a solar eclipse requires preparation. Whether you choose convenience with online shopping or opt to pick up glasses at a local store, make sure you are ready well before April 8, 2024. Join fellow astronomy enthusiasts in Naperville, Illinois, and watch the skies transform with the safety and confidence that proper solar eclipse glasses provide.

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