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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Midway North, Texas?

Are you excited about the upcoming solar eclipse in Midway North, Texas? It's going to be an incredible event with an obscuration of 90.64%, meaning almost the entirety of the sun will be covered by the moon. This eclipse will be visible on April 8, 2024.

To fully enjoy and experience the solar eclipse, it is essential to have the right equipment, especially solar eclipse glasses. These glasses provide protection for your eyes while allowing you to observe the spectacular celestial phenomenon.

We recommend purchasing solar eclipse glasses online from reputable vendors such as or These online shops offer a convenient way to buy solar eclipse glasses, with 3-day shipping within the USA. They also provide bulk discounts, which can be useful if you are planning a viewing party. Don't forget to use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" for a 10% discount on your purchase.

In case you prefer purchasing solar eclipse glasses locally, here are a few general places where you might find them:

  1. Optical Stores: Visit your local optical stores or eyewear retailers. They often carry specialized eyewear, including solar eclipse glasses. Call ahead to inquire about availability and prices. Some popular optical stores include LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, and Visionworks.

  2. Outdoor Equipment Stores: Places like REI or Cabela's may stock solar eclipse glasses, especially if the eclipse is a significant event. These stores cater to outdoor enthusiasts and may have a limited supply of eclipse glasses.

  3. Science Centers and Planetariums: Local science centers or planetariums occasionally sell solar eclipse glasses. These institutions often organize eclipse-related events and educational programs, making them excellent places to find the necessary eyewear.

  4. Pharmacies and Convenience Stores: Check your nearest pharmacy or convenience store, such as CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart. These establishments often have a section dedicated to seasonal items, and they may carry solar eclipse glasses during the event.

Remember, it's crucial to verify the authenticity and safety certification of solar eclipse glasses before purchasing. Ensure that the glasses meet the ISO 12312-2 safety standard to protect your eyes from harmful solar radiation.

Another valuable resource for the solar eclipse in Midway North, Texas, is This website offers accurate date and time information about the eclipse, helping you plan your viewing experience. To get specific details for Midway North, Texas, you can visit

Don't miss out on this incredible celestial event! Grab your solar eclipse glasses, set up your viewing spot, and get ready to witness the beauty of the solar eclipse in Midway North, Texas.

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