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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Macon, Georgia?

As the skies are gearing up for a spectacular solar eclipse event in Macon, it's crucial to prepare for this celestial phenomenon with safety in mind. Observing a solar eclipse without proper protection can lead to permanent eye damage, so it's essential to procure the right kind of eyewear.

Astonishingly, on April 8, 2024, Macon, Georgia will witness an awe-inspiring solar eclipse with an obscuration of 77.08%. During the peak at 3:04:39 PM local time, the moon will cover a significant portion of the sun, casting an otherworldly twilight over the city.

Online Shops—The Convenient Choice

If you're looking to secure your solar eclipse glasses ahead of time, there are fabulous online options that cater to your needs with just a click. Two remarkable vendors — and — stand out for their reliability and quality. They provide solar eclipse glasses that meet the international safety standards required for direct solar viewing.

When shopping at these online stores, you have the luxury of:

  • 3-day shipping across the USA
  • Bulk discounts for those looking to equip their friends and family
  • An exclusive 10% off with the coupon code "ECLIPSE"

Ordering online means you can avoid the last-minute rush and rest assured that you'll have your glasses well in time for the event.

Local Options in Macon

In case online shopping is not feasible, or you want to have a hands-on buying experience, here are some general venues in Macon where solar eclipse glasses may be available:

  • Science Museums: They often hold solar eclipse viewing events and provide safety glasses.
  • For a search near you, try: Science Museums.
  • Astronomy Clubs: Local astronomy enthusiasts can be a source for glasses and information.
  • Search nearby clubs: Astronomy Clubs.
  • Retailers and Bookstores: Stores with a focus on science and education might stock eclipse glasses.
  • You can check these stores by searching: Retailers and Bookstores.
  • Optical Shops: Some optometrists and sunglasses stores carry ISO-certified eclipse glasses.
  • A quick search can be done with: Optical Shops.

Remember to ensure the glasses you purchase meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard for filters used to view the sun directly.

Eclipse Timing Is Everything

To enhance your eclipse experience, visit, a site dedicated to providing accurate dates and times for eclipse events in your region, ensuring you don’t miss out on any aspect of this event. Macon's eclipse timing information is readily available at, guiding you through the lead-up to the eclipse, the peak, and its conclusion.

Planning for the Day

Let’s review the key times you'll need to keep in mind on April 8, 2024:

  • Partial Eclipse Begins: 1:46 PM (Local Time)
  • Peak of the Eclipse: 3:04:39 PM (Local Time)
  • Partial Eclipse Ends: 4:20:44 PM (Local Time)

Mark these times in your calendar, and plan to secure your viewing spot well in advance to avoid any last-minute hiccups.

Remember, safety first! Ensure your solar eclipse glasses are ISO-compliant and undamaged before you look up at the sun. It's a moment that brings people together as they witness the wonders of the cosmos, but it's imperative that we do so without putting our vision at risk.

Whether you opt for the convenience of online shopping with guaranteed safe delivery or seek to find the glasses locally in Macon, make sure you're ready to experience this phenomenal event with the right protection. It’s an occasion worth preparing for, as the memory of the darkened sun will stay with you long after the moon has passed.

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