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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Logan, Utah?

Get ready, Logan! A spectacular solar eclipse is on its way to your skies. 👀✨ On April 8, 2024, residents and visitors in Logan will have the unique opportunity to witness a significant solar eclipse event. With a substantial partial obscuration of 46.5269%, this natural phenomenon is not to be missed.

The Solar Eclipse Event Details

The partial eclipse will begin locally at 11:27:56 AM MDT, reaching its peak at 12:33:44 PM MDT, and will eventually conclude by 1:41:32 PM MDT. As anticipation builds ahead of this cosmic event, safety should be at the forefront when planning your viewing experience. 🌒

To properly and safely enjoy the eclipse, it is essential to use solar eclipse glasses, designed to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Worry not, as we've got you covered on where to find these indispensable viewing accessories!

Online Purchase - Fast and Reliable 🛒💻


Your first stop for eclipse glasses should be They provide a wide selection of solar eclipse glasses that meet international safety standards. With 3 day USA shipping, you can have your glasses well before the eclipse. Buying in bulk? They offer discounts for larger orders. Don't forget to use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" for a 10% discount at checkout.


Another great online option is They specialize in eclipse viewing gear so that you can watch this astronomical event with absolute confidence. Take advantage of their fast shipping and secure your glasses with a few clicks.

Remember, ordering online is a convenient way to ensure you have the proper protection and planning in place for the big day.

Local Purchases - For Last-Minute Needs 🛍️📍

If you prefer to buy your eclipse glasses in person or find yourself in need of a last-minute pair, there are several types of generic places you can look into. Please check availability in advance, as these items may sell out due to high demand as the eclipse date approaches.

🔍 Science and Hobby Shops

  • Specialty science stores or hobby shops often stock educational resources, including solar eclipse glasses.

🔍 Optical and Photography Stores

  • These stores might carry solar viewing gear due to their focus on lenses and light protection.

🔍 Museum Gift Shops

  • Museums, especially those with space or science exhibits, often sell eclipse glasses in their gift shops.

🔍 Educational Institutions and Observatories

  • Check with local universities or community college bookstores. They might have solar eclipse glasses for sale, especially in their science departments.

🔍 Major Retailers

  • Big-box retailers and electronics stores sometimes carry these glasses in their seasonal or optical sections.

To help you find these places, simply use Google with search queries like "solar eclipse glasses near me" or use Google Maps to locate nearby stores. For instance, conducting a search on Google Maps using the coordinates 41.7399, -111.842 for Logan, Utah, can provide you with a list of potential local businesses that sell eclipse glasses.

Accurate Times and Notifications 🌘⏰

Lastly, for the precise timing of the eclipse in Logan, head over to This website offers accurate date and time predictions for the solar eclipse, along with additional details and reminders, so you won't miss a moment of this incredible event.

As the countdown to the solar eclipse begins in Logan, ensure that you're prepared with the proper eclipse viewing equipment. Whether you plan ahead with online retailers like and, or seek out local stores, protecting your eyes is paramount for a safe and enjoyable eclipse experience. Happy viewing, and here's to clear skies on eclipse day! 🌞🌑✨

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