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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Leola, Pennsylvania?

Are you ready for an amazing celestial event? Mark your calendars because on April 8, 2024, Leola, Pennsylvania will experience a spectacular solar eclipse! This natural phenomenon occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the Sun's light and casting a shadow on the Earth.

In Leola, the solar eclipse will have an obscuration of approximately 90.54%. This means that about 90.54% of the Sun's surface will be obscured by the Moon, creating a mesmerizing spectacle in the sky. The eclipse will begin with a partial phase at 6:06 PM UTC (2:06 PM local time), reach its peak at 7:22 PM UTC (3:22 PM local time), and end at 8:34 PM UTC (4:34 PM local time).

To fully enjoy this rare event, it is crucial to protect your eyes with proper solar eclipse glasses. These specially designed glasses allow you to observe the eclipse safely, shielding your eyes from harmful solar radiation. Don't worry if you haven't purchased your glasses yet; there are several options available to ensure you have the necessary eyewear for this celestial event.

Online Stores

For a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience, you can purchase solar eclipse glasses from reliable online stores. Two notable websites that specialize in solar eclipse glasses are and They offer a wide range of high-quality glasses, ensuring your eyes are well-protected during the eclipse. Here's why you should consider buying from these online stores:

  • 3 Day USA Shipping: Both and provide fast shipping within the USA. Order your glasses now, and they will be delivered to your doorstep in just three days.
  • Bulk Discounts: Planning to watch the eclipse with friends or family? Take advantage of bulk discounts offered by these online stores. Save money by purchasing multiple pairs of glasses.
  • 10% Discount with Coupon Code: To sweeten the deal, both and are offering a 10% discount on all purchases. Simply use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" at checkout to avail yourself of this exclusive offer.

Local Stores

If you prefer to buy solar eclipse glasses locally, Leola may have some options available. However, please note that availability can vary, and it's advisable to call ahead to ensure the desired product is in stock.

One possible source for solar eclipse glasses might be local observatories or planetariums. These institutions often carry eclipse glasses in their gift shops, catering to astronomy enthusiasts. Another option could be specialized science or educational supply stores, as they might stock solar viewing glasses for events like solar eclipses.

In the event that specific local options are scarce or unavailable in Leola, you can consider visiting nearby general stores or outdoor equipment retailers. Many of these stores carry a variety of eyewear, including sunglasses and safety glasses, and may have solar eclipse glasses in stock as well. Some popular nationwide options include Walmart, Target, and CVS Pharmacy.

To find the nearest Walmart in your area, you can use this Walmart Store Locator. Similarly, you can find the nearest Target store in your area using the Target Store Locator. If you prefer shopping at CVS Pharmacy, you can locate the nearest store using the CVS Pharmacy Store Locator.

Remember, it's essential to confirm availability at these stores beforehand, as solar eclipse glasses may be in high demand leading up to the event.

To ensure you don't miss a moment of this incredible solar eclipse, visit to access accurate date and time information for Leola. specializes in providing precise eclipse timing data, allowing you to plan your day accordingly. Make the most of this remarkable celestial event by using their reliable tools and resources.

Now that you know where to buy your solar eclipse glasses, be prepared to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of the solar eclipse in Leola, Pennsylvania. Safeguard your eyes and enjoy this captivating celestial event!


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