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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Kissimmee, Florida?

Excitement is building in Kissimmee, Florida, as the community anticipates the spectacular solar eclipse event set to grace the skies on April 8, 2024. As residents and visitors alike prepare to witness this celestial marvel, it's vital to secure proper eye protection to safely enjoy the display.

Before we delve into where you can buy solar eclipse glasses locally in the city, let's highlight a convenient and reliable online option.

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Stock up early by ordering now, so you can rest easy knowing you're prepared for the eclipse!

🏪 Buying Locally in Kissimmee

If you prefer purchasing your solar eclipse glasses in person, here's what you can do:

  • Local astronomy clubs often have resources and information on where to buy eclipse glasses and may even offer them during events or meetings.
  • Specialty science and hobby shops often stock eclipse glasses for events like this. While specific addresses may vary, you could look for stores within the city using a search term like 'science hobby shops near Kissimmee, FL' on Google Maps.
  • Large retail chains like Walmart or Target are likely to carry solar eclipse glasses in the days leading up to the event. Find the closest location by searching 'Walmart near Kissimmee, FL' or 'Target near Kissimmee, FL'.
  • Some optometry and eyewear stores may also carry ISO-certified eclipse glasses; a quick call to nearby shops could confirm their availability. A search for 'optometry shops Kissimmee' can help you find local options.

🌞 Maximize Your Solar Eclipse Experience in Kissimmee

To enrich your eclipse viewing experience, visit for precise dates and times tailored specifically for Kissimmee. Check out to get the countdown started, mark your calendar for the event's timeline in your local timezone, and prepare for an unforgettable astronomical event.

📅 Event Information:

Kissimmee will experience a significant solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. Although the event will not include a total eclipse in the city, residents can witness a dramatic partial eclipse with 57% obscuration of the sun. This phenomenal occurrence will begin with the partial phase at 1:46 PM local time (EDT), peak at 3:03 PM, and conclude by 4:16 PM. With a wide window to view the spectacle, ensure you have the proper protection to avoid any damage to your eyes.

A Few Safety Tips:

  • Always wear eclipse glasses when looking at the unobscured or partially obscured sun.
  • Do not use sunglasses, smoked glass, X-ray film, or makeshift filters—they do not offer sufficient protection.
  • Inspect your eclipse glasses for any damages before use; if scratched or damaged, discard them.
  • Supervise children using solar eclipse glasses to ensure they wear them correctly.

As you gear up to be part of this awe-inspiring event, make sure you are fully prepared with the right protective eyewear. Whether you choose the convenience of online shopping or the experience of buying locally, remember to prioritize safety and get ready to enjoy one of nature's most wondrous displays!

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