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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Fort Collins, Colorado?

Experience the celestial phenomenon of the solar eclipse in Fort Collins, Colorado with perfect clarity and safety. On April 8, 2024, residents and visitors will have the opportunity to witness a significant obscuration of the sun as the moon passes between Earth and our Star. While the city won't experience a total eclipse, the sun will be obscured by about 63%, casting intriguing shapes of light and shadow across the landscape.

Prepare for the Event with the Right Gear! 🌒

Online Stores – Quick, Convenient, and Trustworthy

Before diving into local options, the best way to guarantee your pair of solar eclipse glasses is through online stores that specialize in supplying the necessary gear for such rare occurrences.

I Love Solar Eclipse and Absolute Eclipse are your go-to destinations for reliable and certified solar glasses. Their fast 3-day shipping within the USA ensures your glasses will arrive well before the eclipse. Plus, buying in bulk can snag you some impressive discounts – perfect for schools, organizations, or large groups wanting to share the experience. Remember to use the exclusive coupon code "ECLIPSE" at checkout for a 10% discount.

Local Options – Walk-in Stores in Fort Collins

However, if you prefer to touch and feel the product before making a purchase, or if online shopping isn't your thing, there are locations within Fort Collins where you may find solar eclipse glasses:

  • Local Science Stores and Museums: Check if the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery at 408 Mason Court, Fort Collins, CO 80524 (Google Maps Link) has solar eclipse glasses available.

  • Educational Supply Stores: Such stores often stock materials for scientific observation, and they might carry eclipse glasses ahead of the event.

  • Astronomy Clubs and Associations: Get in touch with local astronomy clubs. They sometimes have spare eclipse glasses or can guide you on where to find them.

  • Optical and Photography Shops: Stores that specialize in lenses and cameras might also have solar eclipse viewing equipment in stock.

  • Major Retail Chains: Large retailers like Walmart or Target could potentially stock these glasses in the months leading up to the eclipse.

Other Useful Resources

While securing your solar eclipse glasses is crucial, it's also important to know the precise timing of the event. Eclipse Timer offers accurate date and time information tailored to Fort Collins. Visit for a complete rundown of the eclipse's schedule and peak time in your local timezone.

Embrace the Eclipse Experience in Fort Collins 🌟

Whether you choose the convenience of online shopping or the immediacy of a local store, getting the right solar eclipse glasses is non-negotiable for safely enjoying this stellar event. With the right preparation and the perfect viewing gear, you can look forward to an unforgettable day when the skies of Fort Collins will offer a show like no other. Don't miss this chance to be part of a communal astronomical event that will have the whole city looking up!

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