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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Eau Claire, Wisconsin?

On April 8, 2024, residents and visitors in Eau Claire, Wisconsin will have the extraordinary opportunity to witness a significant solar eclipse event. This celestial spectacle promises an obscuration of approximately 77.56%, plunging the city into an unusual midday twilight that is both thrilling and eerie. As the moon slowly covers the sun, you'll experience the eclipse's peak at around 2:04 PM local time.

Key Eclipse Details:

  • Partial Eclipse Begins: 12:51 PM (local time)
  • Peak of Eclipse: 2:04 PM (local time)
  • Partial Eclipse Ends: 3:17 PM (local time)

Being prepared for this astronomical marvel is crucial, and that includes having the proper eye protection to view the eclipse safely. To make the most out of this awe-inspiring phenomenon, it's essential to have solar eclipse glasses that meet the approved safety standards.

Online Shopping for Solar Eclipse Glasses

If you're looking to get your hands on a pair of solar eclipse glasses, look no further than our trusted online outlets. You can quickly order your glasses well in advance from and These websites offer a range of glasses designed explicitly for solar eclipse viewing. With their 3-day shipping across the USA, you won't wait long for your glasses to arrive. Customers who prefer to buy in bulk will appreciate the discounts available, and you can even sweeten the deal with a 10% discount using the coupon code "ECLIPSE" at checkout.

Local Purchasing Options in Eau Claire:

If you prefer to buy your glasses in person or find yourself in need of last-minute eye protection, Eau Claire has retail options for you as well. Here are some generic places where you might find solar eclipse glasses:

Science Museums and Planetariums

Local centers dedicated to science often stock educational items, including eclipse glasses, especially when an event like this is on the horizon.

Optical Shops

Visit stores that specialize in optical equipment; they typically sell products that protect your eyes and improve vision.

Educational Stores

Shops with a focus on educational supplies might carry eclipse glasses for schools and events.

Outdoor and Sporting Goods Stores

Sometimes stores that cater to outdoor enthusiasts stock eclipse glasses due to their customers' interest in natural events and safety.

Photography Stores

Since photographers may seek to capture the eclipse, these stores may also sell glasses to view the event safely.

General Retailers

Major retailers, such as Walmart or Target, may have glasses available as the event approaches. Their large distribution networks can make finding glasses more accessible.

Where to Search Locally:

To find a specific shop in Eau Claire, you can perform a quick Google search or use Google Maps:

Don’t Miss the Eclipse!

Viewing a solar eclipse is a rare and thrilling experience, but remember, looking at the sun without proper eye protection can cause permanent eye damage. Always ensure that any glasses you purchase meet the international safety standards for direct solar viewing.

Accurate Timing for Your Eclipse Experience

To avoid missing any part of the eclipse, precise timing is vital. Bookmark for up-to-the-second information tailored to Eau Claire. This includes local times for the beginning, peak, and end of the eclipse.


The upcoming solar eclipse is your chance to be part of an extraordinary natural event. Whether you're an avid skywatcher or new to the wonders of the cosmos, having the right protection for your eyes is non-negotiable. Order online at or using the promo code "ECLIPSE" for a fantastic deal, or explore local shops in Eau Claire for your perfect pair of solar eclipse glasses. With the right preparation, you're set to enjoy a celestial showcase like no other. Happy eclipse watching!

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