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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Colorado Springs, Colorado?

On April 8, 2024, Colorado Springs will experience a noteworthy solar eclipse. As the residents anticipate the celestial dance, the moon will obscure 67.8% of the sun's brilliance, turning day into an eerie twilight. While the skies darken, the need for proper eye protection becomes paramount to witness this astronomical phenomenon safely.

🌞 Online Options for Solar Eclipse Glasses

Before we delve into local purchasing options, it’s worth considering the convenience and safety of buying from trusted online retailers. For those preparing for the eclipse in Colorado Springs, two stellar choices are and These online stores specialize in solar eclipse glasses and offer:

  • 3 day shipping to the USA: Perfect for planning ahead or last-minute purchases.
  • Bulk discounts: Ideal for schools, organizations, or large gatherings.
  • A 10% discount: By using the coupon code "ECLIPSE", you’ll save on your purchase.

Ordering online ensures that you get certified and safe eclipse glasses without the worry of running out of stock in local stores as the event draws near.

🌆 Locally in Colorado Springs

In the event that online buying isn't an option, or you prefer a more hands-on shopping experience, various establishments in Colorado Springs are likely to carry solar eclipse glasses. Here are the general types of places you might want to check out:

  • Science Museums and Planetariums: They often carry educational materials, including eclipse glasses.
  • Specialty Camera Stores: Stores that focus on photographic equipment may offer glasses designed for astrophotographers and skywatchers.
  • Optical Shops: Some local optometrists and eyewear stores may stock solar viewing glasses as the event approaches.
  • Educational Supply Stores: These stores may sell eclipse glasses alongside other scientific and educational paraphernalia.
  • Major Retail Chains: To find locations like Walmart or Target, you can perform a quick search using your favorite search engine or maps application.

To look for these types of stores near you in Colorado Springs, simply search “Where to buy solar eclipse glasses” in Google Maps.

📅 Eclipse Timing in Colorado Springs

As you prepare for this celestial event, timing is everything. To ensure you don't miss a moment, visit for precise timings in Colorado Springs. This web service offers:

  • Accurate date and time of the partial eclipse beginning at 11:26 AM local time.
  • Exact peak time at 12:39 PM when the maximum portion of the sun will be covered.

Remember, the eclipse timing is significantly important to experience the event fully. So, make sure to note down the timings or set reminders.

🌖 Eclipse Viewing Safe Practices

Whether you buy online or from a local store in Colorado Springs, the importance of using ISO-certified solar eclipse glasses cannot be overstated. Regular sunglasses, even very dark ones, are not safe for looking at the sun. Also, save the date and plan to find a nice viewing spot in the city to ensure an unobstructed view of the sky.

In summary, the solar eclipse is a rare event and worth preparing for. Colorado Springs residents and visitors can safely watch this spectacle by purchasing certified eclipse glasses either from online reputable sources like and using discount code "ECLIPSE" or by visiting local stores in the city.

Be ready. Be safe. And don't forget to bask in the awe of the solar eclipse. 🌒✨

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