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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Boston, Massachusetts?

As Boston prepares for the exciting celestial event of a solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024, where the moon will obscure 92.4% of the sun, it's crucial to have the proper eyewear to safely enjoy the spectacle. Don't miss out on a chance to witness this event safely and comfortably!

Online Options for Eclipse Glasses

Before we dive into local options, let's talk about the convenience of online shopping! You can get your eclipse glasses easily from the comfort of your own home.

🌟 I Love Solar Eclipse is your go-to online shop for solar eclipse glasses. With 3-day shipping anywhere in the USA, you don't have to worry about your glasses arriving on time. Plus, they offer bulk discounts if you're planning a viewing party or want to distribute them in your community or school. Use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" at checkout for a neat 10% off your purchase!

😎 Absolute Eclipse is another fantastic option, boasting a selection of solar eclipse glasses that promise both safety and clarity. Make sure to explore their variety, and remember to apply that "ECLIPSE" coupon code for a special discount!

Local Places to Buy Solar Eclipse Glasses

In case you're the type to prefer in-person shopping or you've waited until the last minute, here's how you can find solar eclipse glasses in Boston:

  • Science Museums & Planetariums: The Museum of Science, Boston, located at 1 Museum Of Science Driveway, Boston, MA 02114, is a likely spot that might sell solar eclipse glasses.
  • Educational Supply Stores: Shops that specialize in educational resources may have solar eclipse glasses in stock. Look for stores within the Boston area.
  • Local Optics and Camera Stores: Check out local stores that sell telescopes and cameras, as they often carry safety glasses for solar viewing.

When all else fails, a quick Google search can help you find additional nearby locations. Try searching "solar eclipse glasses in Boston" or use this Google search to find relevant stores.

Important Eclipse Information & Timing

Knowing the exact timing of the eclipse is critical to ensure you don't miss out on this astronomical event. Visit to get the accurate date and time for the solar eclipse in Boston. The eclipse begins at 14:16:04 local time, with the peak time at 15:29:45, concluding at 16:39:05. Make sure you're prepared and in a good viewing location!

Safety First

A reminder about safety: it's essential to protect your eyes when viewing a solar eclipse. Never look at the sun directly without proper solar filters or eclipse glasses, as this can cause severe eye damage.

Mark Your Calendars for the 2024 Eclipse

📅 Event Details:

  • Partial Eclipse Begins: April 8th at 14:16:04 (Local Boston Time)
  • Peak Time: April 8th at 15:29:45 (Local Boston Time)
  • Partial Eclipse Ends: April 8th at 16:39:05 (Local Boston Time)

Experience the magic of the skies with safe viewing habits. Whether you plan to order your eclipse glasses online or venture out to local stores in Boston, Massachusetts, make sure to gear up for an unforgettable solar eclipse event. Clear skies and happy viewing!

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