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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Arlington, Virginia?

Excitement is building for the upcoming solar eclipse in Arlington, Virginia! With the event set to take place on April 8, 2024, residents and visitors alike are eager to witness the celestial spectacle. To safely enjoy the solar eclipse, where the moon obscures 87.3694% of the sun, it's essential to have the proper eyewear.

Before we delve into local purchasing options, there is an amazing opportunity for everyone gearing up for the eclipse. For those who want to secure their solar eclipse glasses ahead of time, you can conveniently shop online at 🌐 or 🌐 They offer a variety of solar eclipse glasses suitable for viewing this incredible astronomical event. With 3-day shipping across the USA, bulk discounts, and an additional 10% off when you use the coupon code "ECLIPSE", these online stores are a top choice for eclipse enthusiasts.

🛒 To buy your eclipse glasses online, simply visit:

Additionally, you don't want to miss the accurate date & time of the eclipse in Arlington. Check out 🌐 for all the precise information you need to plan your eclipse viewing party.

If you prefer to purchase your solar eclipse glasses in person, there are several places you might consider. While specific stores in Arlington might not be mentioned, these types of establishments commonly stock eclipse glasses when an event is approaching:

  • 🚩 Local Science Museums or Planetariums: They often sell eclipse glasses in their gift shops.
  • 📚 Bookstores: Larger chains and educational bookstores may carry them as well.
  • 🏪 Retail Stores: Check out local department stores or big-box retailers in the area.
  • 🔭 Astronomy Shops: If there are any specialty stores for astronomy enthusiasts, they're likely to have glasses in stock.

For an easy way to search for these types of stores near you in Arlington, you can use the following Google search links:

To ensure you get a genuine and safe product, it's important to buy solar eclipse glasses that meet the international standard ISO 12312-2 for safe viewing. When purchasing glasses, check for this certification to keep your eyes protected during the eclipse.

As for the details of the eclipse in Arlington, Virginia, here's what you need to know:

  • Partial eclipse begins: April 8, 2024, at 14:04:09 local time (EDT)
  • Peak time: April 8, 2024, at 15:20:24 local time (EDT), when the obscuration will be at its maximum
  • Partial eclipse ends: April 8, 2024, at 16:32:48 local time (EDT)

The entire event will be a partial eclipse, as the path of totality won't be passing over Arlington. For this reason, eclipse glasses will be necessary throughout the event to prevent eye damage.

Prepare for the spectacle and mark your calendars for this extraordinary event. Whether you choose to get your eclipse glasses online from trusted sources like and, using the code ECLIPSE for a great discount, or find them in a local store, you're all set for a safe and awe-inspiring viewing experience. Stay safe and enjoy the celestial dance of the sun and the moon!

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