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Where to buy solar eclipse filters in the Syracuse, New York?

Are you ready for an incredible celestial event? On April 8, 2024, the city of Syracuse in New York will experience a solar eclipse with an obscuration level of 1. This means that the Moon will cover approximately 100% of the Sun, creating a breathtaking sight in the sky.

To fully enjoy and safely observe this natural phenomenon, it is crucial to use solar eclipse filters. These filters protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the Sun, allowing you to view the eclipse without any risk.

Online Shops

One of the easiest and convenient ways to purchase solar eclipse filters is through online shops. Two highly recommended online stores for purchasing solar eclipse filters are and Both of these websites offer a wide selection of filters specifically designed for solar eclipses.

By visiting or, you can find high-quality solar eclipse filters with the following benefits:

  • 3-day USA shipping: You can receive your filters within three days, ensuring that you have them in time for the eclipse.
  • Bulk discounts: If you want to purchase filters for a group or multiple devices, these websites offer bulk discounts to help you save money.
  • 10% off with coupon code "ECLIPSE": To make your purchase even more affordable, both and provide a coupon code that gives you a 10% discount on your order.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to witness a solar eclipse! Visit or today and ensure you have the right filters to enjoy the event safely.

Local Stores

If you prefer to buy solar eclipse filters locally in Syracuse, New York, there are several options available to you. Here are some generic places where you can potentially find solar eclipse filters:

  1. Optical Stores: Local optical stores often carry a range of specialized eyewear and accessories. Visit optical stores in Syracuse, such as Syracuse Eyewear or Visionworks to inquire about solar eclipse filters.
  2. Camera Stores: Camera stores are another great place to check for solar eclipse filters. They often have filters specifically designed for photography, which can also be used for observing the eclipse. You can visit stores such as Hunt's Photo or Adorama in Syracuse.
  3. Outdoor and Sporting Goods Stores: Some outdoor and sporting goods stores, like REI, may carry solar eclipse filters. These filters are handy for outdoor activities and can be suitable for eclipse viewing as well.

Please note that availability may vary, and it is advisable to call ahead to these stores to check if they have solar eclipse filters in stock.

If you are unable to find solar eclipse filters locally, you can also consider ordering them online from or, as mentioned earlier. These online shops provide a convenient way to get the filters you need, with the added advantage of fast shipping and discounts.

Don't forget to mark your calendar for April 8, 2024, and prepare your solar eclipse filters to witness this stunning celestial event safely. If you require accurate date and time information for the eclipse in Syracuse, New York, you can visit

Enjoy the solar eclipse and make lasting memories of this awe-inspiring event!

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