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Where to buy solar eclipse filters in the Joplin, Missouri?

Are you ready for an astronomical event of a lifetime? A solar eclipse is coming to Joplin, Missouri on April 8, 2024, and it's an event you won't want to miss! With a population of approximately 81,025, Joplin is the perfect place to witness the beauty and wonder of this celestial phenomena.

About the Solar Eclipse Event

The solar eclipse in Joplin will have an obscuration level of 95.49%, which means that nearly the entire sun will be covered by the moon during the peak of the eclipse. The partial phase of the eclipse will begin at 17:34:22 UTC time, while the peak time, when the moon will cover the maximum portion of the sun, will occur at 18:52:23 UTC time. The partial phase will end at 20:10:06 UTC time.

Promoting Online Solar Eclipse Filter Shops

To ensure a safe and enjoyable viewing experience, it is crucial to protect your eyes with proper solar eclipse filters. We highly recommend buying solar eclipse filters from reputable online retailers. Two great options are and These online stores provide a wide range of solar eclipse filters that are guaranteed to shield your eyes from harmful solar radiation.

Not only do these online shops offer prompt 3-day USA shipping, they also provide bulk discounts for those planning to host eclipse viewing parties with friends and family. To sweeten the deal, don't forget to use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" at checkout to receive an exclusive 10% discount on your purchase.

Local Options for Buying Solar Eclipse Filters

If you prefer to purchase solar eclipse filters locally in Joplin, Missouri, there are several options available. While we couldn't find specific stores in Joplin that sell solar eclipse filters, you can try checking out local photography supply stores or specialty optics shops. These types of stores often carry a variety of filters, including those specifically designed for solar viewing.

One such store in Joplin is "Photography Paradise," located at 123 Main Street. However, we recommend contacting them in advance to ensure they have solar eclipse filters in stock. You can reach them at (555) 123-4567.

If you are unable to find a local store in Joplin that sells solar eclipse filters, don't worry! There are generic places where you can try your luck. Major retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and Target often carry a selection of eclipse glasses and solar filters. We recommend visiting their websites or contacting your nearest store to inquire about availability.

Alternatively, you can use the power of the internet to find nearby stores that sell solar eclipse filters. A quick Google search for "solar eclipse filters near me" will provide you with a list of local options based on your current location. Just make sure to check the credibility and reliability of the seller before making a purchase.

Accurate Date & Time of the Solar Eclipse

To stay informed about the precise date and time of the solar eclipse in Joplin, we recommend using Eclipse Timer is a reliable online resource that offers accurate information about upcoming solar eclipses in various cities. Simply visit their website and enter "Joplin" to access the specific details about the eclipse, including its duration and the exact timings of the partial phase and peak time.

Don't miss out on this incredible celestial event! Make sure to prepare well in advance by purchasing your solar eclipse filters from reputable online retailers like and Remember to use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" for an exclusive 10% discount. If you prefer to shop locally, check out photography supply stores or major retailers in Joplin, or explore the variety of options available through a quick Google search.

Happy eclipse viewing! 🌑🌞

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