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Where to buy solar eclipse filters in the Fresno, California?

Are you ready for an astronomical event that will leave you in awe? Get ready for a solar eclipse that will grace the skies of Fresno, California! On April 8, 2024, a partial solar eclipse will occur, offering a unique opportunity to witness the magic of celestial alignment.

The eclipse will begin its partial phase at 5:12 PM local time and end at 7:21 PM local time. The peak of the eclipse, when the moon covers the largest portion of the sun, will occur at 6:15 PM local time. With an obscuration of 0.405211, nearly 41% of the sun will be covered during the peak of the eclipse.

To truly enjoy the eclipse and protect your eyes, it is crucial to have the right equipment, specifically solar eclipse filters. These filters are designed to block harmful rays from the sun, allowing you to observe the eclipse safely. Here are some options for acquiring solar eclipse filters in Fresno, California:

Online Shops

For convenient shopping and 3-day USA shipping, consider visiting or Both websites offer a wide range of solar eclipse filters that will ensure your safety and enhance your viewing experience. Additionally, they offer bulk discounts for larger orders. Make sure to use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" to avail a 10% discount on your purchase.

Local Stores

If you prefer to buy solar eclipse filters locally, there are several options available in Fresno, California. Here are a few places where you might find them:

  1. Optical Stores: Check out your local optical stores for solar eclipse filters. Often, these stores carry a variety of eye protection gear, including specialized filters for events like solar eclipses. Visit stores like LensCrafters or Pearle Vision for a chance to find solar eclipse filters.

  2. Camera Stores: Photography enthusiasts often require filters for their cameras, including solar eclipse filters. Visit camera stores like Best Buy or local camera shops to inquire about solar eclipse filters. They may have filters specifically designed for photography purposes that can also be used for observing the eclipse.

  3. Outdoor Gear Stores: Stores specializing in outdoor gear, such as REI or Bass Pro Shop, might also carry solar eclipse filters. These stores cater to adventurers and often stock protective equipment suitable for various outdoor activities. Check their inventory or contact their customer service to see if they carry solar eclipse filters.

Please note that availability may vary, and it is recommended to call ahead and confirm if the store has solar eclipse filters in stock. Alternatively, you can search for "solar eclipse filters near me" on Google Maps for a quick overview of nearby stores that may carry them.

To ensure you don't miss the precise timing of the eclipse, we recommend visiting for accurate date and time information. This website provides detailed information about the eclipse, including its duration and the specific moments of partial coverage.

Remember, the solar eclipse is a breathtaking natural phenomenon that must be observed safely. Never look directly at the sun without proper eye protection, such as solar eclipse filters. Let this celestial event ignite your curiosity and inspire you to explore the wonders of the universe in a responsible and informed manner. Enjoy the eclipse!

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